Rollouts & Migrations

Impressive Tech offers 24/7 support to their clients and do the broad range of planned rollouts & migrations. Our rollouts’ methodology is fast & effective while our upgrades are up-to date. We help the companies to shift and migrate their online as well as offline data and also the infrastructure, thus not only helps in shifting or transfer but also provide the services to restructure and reconfigure the data on new place so Our important working is to create new system image according to which the data or equipment needs to be migrated or shifted from one place to other. We also manage the data migration from one place to other that might be of virtual data or of hardware equipment, We also Install systems to new place and carry out image maintenance as designed before this. At new place deploy the new systems, that must be configured to new setup or network as well as Operating systems needs to be refreshed so that it can be capable of working with migrated equipment and devices.